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Meet Mumz with Ekta Tajwani

October 12, 2020 vincent Season 1 Episode 11
Over Forty Wellness Podcast
Meet Mumz with Ekta Tajwani
Show Notes

Ekta Tajwani: Show Notes 

 Ekta grew up and was educated in India. She obtained a degree in Computer Science & Technology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. In India Ekta worked in the Information Technology sector before moving with her husband to Hong Kong.

Ekta started as a Facebook group in Hong Kong, meeting Mothers from different walks of life, each one having similar challenges and walking the same path and that gave birth to the concept of Mumz. 

Mumz is a networking platform App running under IOS and Android. The app is for mums to meet other mums. 

The application has been called "A Tinder for Mums"

1.     Helping mums to find other mums, to meet and to connect

2.     That live close to them. 

3.     Have children of similar ages.

4.     With similar interests.

5.     With time to meet other mums.

6.     The platform uses geolocation to identify proximity.

7.     The platform is fully secure and protects all sensitive information

3:32   Travelling really opens up your mind.

5:20   Living in Hong Kong we are blessed.

7:00   My work is my passion

8:08   It’s important to have a network – a support group for mums. 

10:38.  Friends are the family we chose for ourselves. 

13:15.  In Hong Kong post partum depression affects between 13-18% of post partum mothers.

13:54.  It is important to find local support.

 15:10   So many people have inspired me ……..

 17:39   Always need a plan B – plan Z.

 18:00   A women is like a tea bag: here true colour only shows when you put her in hot water.

 25:30.  Can swipe through to identify common interests.

 27:30   Keeping the information secure.

 29:20.  The team is always available to support users.

31:10.  Platform is scalable across other countries- India, Singapore, ….

 36:05.  Morning routine : First 20 minutes are focussed on myself. My brightest ideas come to me when I am running. 

39:05.  Rise, Know, Feel, Love and Help….. 

40:10.  How do you see the future? …….

44:30.  Have balance – Be good. 

Contact Ekta: 

Email: ahuja.ekta@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/meetmumz

Instagram: www.instagram.com/meetmumz

Apple App Store: Mumz

Google Play: Mumz


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