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Change your thoughts- Change your behaviour with Dr Brent E Horner

November 09, 2020 vincent Season 1 Episode 15
Over Forty Wellness Podcast
Change your thoughts- Change your behaviour with Dr Brent E Horner
Show Notes

Show Notes 

Dr Brent E Horner is a Doctor Of Clinical Psychology.

Brent studied at Ohio State University, California State University-Fullerton and the Alliant International University in Hong Kong

Brent  worked in advertising for many years and then lectured on Interpersonal Communications, Creativity, and Psychology.

In his therapy practice Brent works with adults, teens, and couples by integrating a range of theories and practical skills from different psychotherapy traditions, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, and positive psychology.

Originally from Ohio in the US, Brent lived in Hong Kong since 1995. 

He is a registered clinical psychologist with the Hong Kong Association of Doctors in Clinical Psychology and a full member of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Brent speaks Cantonese in addition to English. 

 7:21 My first job was in PR – Public Relations.

8:22  The reason for the transition into psychology …… a natural aptitude……the ability to listen.

10:27 Maybe I could help people in a more meaningful way

11:00 What does a clinical psychologist do?

11:40 My specialism is in psychotherapy… what does a psychotherapist do?

12:36 People are coming with strong emotions.

13:42 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) is the study of thoughts, behavior, emotions….. change your thoughts ….. change your behaviour.

15:46          Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT … behavioural based approach… different ways of relating to your thoughts.

17:36 Accepting and doing……

18:47  Psychodynamic Therapy….. looking back at old experiences.

19:35 Positive Psychology……..

22:07 I was asked to do an exorcism.

24:00 Key Takeaways from NLP….. Mirroring

26:52 An example of dealing with stress……… Space between thoughts and emotions……

29:12 Meditation, Journaling, Thankfulness, Gratitudes… How does that figure in Psychology?

30:56 Doing gratitudes for 2 weeks can give positive results for 6 months.

31:42 How can listeners help themselves?........

34:12 What practices can have a big effect. Apps like Headspace, Mindfulness……. It depends on the individual.

37:00 Difference between motivation and commitment ……

38:12 Know your own limits ……

38:57 The silver linings of Covid……

40:29 New things over the last 5 year.  Lots of additional training e.g. ACT

41:12 Mental Brakes to avoid Mental Breaks

42:17 Advertising hoarding quote "Don't Be Afraid"

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Website: drbrentehorner.com  
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dr-brent-e-horner-997aba
References: Steven Hayes: Mental Brakes to avoid Mental Breaks TedxDavidsonAcademy


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